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King of Fighters XIII Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Character Select (Character Select) Xenn 1:06 64 Normal Play
Diabolosis (Ash Crazed by the Spiral of Blood) Xenn 2:11 48 Normal Play
Each Promise (Elizabeth Team) Xenn 1:48 75 Normal Play
Esaka Continues... (Alternate Version) MindReader 1:41 15 Custom Play
Esaka Continues... (Japan Team) Xenn 1:43 29 Normal Play
Fate (Saiki) Xenn 1:50 23 Normal Play
Irregular Mission (Ikari Team) Xenn 1:40 31 Normal Play
KDD-0063 (K' Team) Xenn 1:43 39 Normal Play
Kyokugen Training! -Mountain Seclusion- (Art of Fighting Team) Xenn 1:41 40 Normal Play
Order Select -Dark Ash- Muggshotter 0:35 32 Normal Play
Order Select -Saiki- Muggshotter 0:15 6 Normal Play
Purity Soldiers (Psycho Soldier Team) Xenn 1:34 56 Normal Play
Staffroll -Arcade- (Arcade Version Staff Roll) Xenn 1:00 10 None Play
Stormy Saxophone 5 (Yagami Team) Xenn 2:01 113 Normal Play
Tame a Bad Boy (Kim Team) Xenn 1:49 47 Normal Play
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII (Opening) Xenn 1:03 14 None Play
The One Who Rules Time (Ex Saiki) MizuWolf 1:22 24 Normal Play
The Second Joker (Ash) Xenn 1:39 35 Normal Play
Who is Queen (Female Fighters Team) Xenn 1:31 76 Normal Play
Wild Street (Fatal Fury Team) Xenn 1:40 39 Normal Play
Winner (Winner Demo) Xenn 0:10 21 None Play

Total BRSTMs: 21
Total Downloads: 837