Before contacting us
we kindly ask you to thoroughly read all the information provided on this page.

Account Registrations:

Please write to us in concern of account registrations.

Preferably, also describe which game pages you'd like to upload to,
how you source your audio data, how you create your BRSTM files,
and why you'd like to upload on this website. It will be highly appreciated
if you provide this information in your initial message to one of the administrators.

Accounts are only for uploading high quality rips of video game music (in BRSTM format):

- Audio files ripped and converted directly from the game
- Converted soundtrack or video, if it's the only available source

And not:

- Bad quality or badly looped files
- Youtube videos downloaded with a youtube downloader, made into BRSTM files
- Audio recorded from the game with an analog audio cable or microphone
- Music that didn't come from a video game and isn't a cover/remix of a video game song.
(there are some exceptions to this rule)
For fan-made versions, you must attach the name of the author in the song name or description.

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Note to old users:

This is not the same website as, and any old accounts don't exist here.
If you'd like to upload new content on this website, you'll have to register a new account.

Please never send any passwords to anyone!
The administrators would never ask for, or need to know your password.

E-mail address: listed on the contact page. Contact through Telegram is also an option.

You may not register if you use one of the following e-mail domains:

These e-mail providers are very problematic, and we will not allow new account registrations
with addresses on their domains.

If you do not get a response from us within 14 days, please contact us through our Telegram group.

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