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Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
As a man, As a brave taninkster 2:22 4 Normal Play
Decorate Your Hometown (Full Spec Edition) (Custom Loop) BitPieStudios 3:40 0 Custom Play
Fiercest Warrior taninkster 2:27 2 Normal Play
Iji Sakura (Full Spec Edition) (Custom Loop) BitPieStudios 3:41 0 Custom Play
Innocence for Violence taninkster 2:04 1 Normal Play
Receive You The Archetype taninkster 2:49 13 Normal Play
Samurai Ondo (Full Spec Edition) (Custom Loop) BitPieStudios 3:55 1 Custom Play
TAKUMI 2014 taninkster 1:52 1 Normal Play
山茶花の散る前に (Before the mountain tea flowers fall (Custom Loop)) taninkster 2:18 2 Custom Play
山茶花の散る前に (Before the mountain tea flowers fall) taninkster 2:11 0 Normal Play
我が為に (For Your Sake) taninkster 2:41 13 Normal Play
新旧弦楽器戦争 (Old and new string instrument war) taninkster 2:36 2 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 12
Total Downloads: 39