Guilty Gear Strive Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Alone Infection (Faust's Theme) kekon 4:32 197 Normal Play
Armor-clad Faith (Potemkin's Theme) kekon 5:17 251 Normal Play
Crawl NotADarkKnight 5:09 32 E to S Play
Disaster of Passion (May's Theme) kekon 3:52 429 Normal Play
Drift (Chaos's Theme) NotADarkKnight 5:43 70 Normal Play
Find Your One Way (Sol's Theme) kekon 3:38 323 Normal Play
Hellfire (Leo's Theme) kekon 4:29 187 Normal Play
Let Me Carve Your Way (Zato-1's Theme) kekon 6:00 226 Normal Play
Like a Weed, Naturally, as a Matter of Course (Testament's Theme) NotADarkKnight 4:41 48 Normal Play
Love The Subhuman Self (Millia's Theme) kekon 5:08 426 Normal Play
Mirror of The World (Baiken's Theme) NotADarkKnight 6:40 62 Normal Play
Necessary Discrepancy (Ramlethal's Theme) kekon 6:18 243 Normal Play
Out of the Box (Axl's Theme) kekon 4:21 190 Normal Play
Perfection Can't Please Me (Jack-O's Theme) NotADarkKnight 5:00 51 Normal Play
Play The Hero (Chipp's Theme) kekon 4:11 278 Normal Play
Requiem (I-No's Theme) kekon 4:51 194 Normal Play
Rock Parade (Anji's Theme) kekon 4:09 217 Normal Play
Smell of the Game kekon 5:06 467 Normal Play
Smell of the Game - Instrumental (Character Select) NotADarkKnight 1:12 9 Normal Play
Talk About You NotADarkKnight 4:48 10 E to S Play
The Kiss of Death (Goldlewis's Theme) NotADarkKnight 4:17 46 Normal Play
The Name of Heaven NotADarkKnight 4:13 16 E to S Play
The Roar of the Spark (Ky's Theme) kekon 5:12 411 Normal Play
The Town Inside Me (Bridget's Theme) NotADarkKnight 4:18 97 Normal Play
Trigger (Giovanna's Theme) kekon 4:22 191 Normal Play
What do you fight for (Nagoriyuki's Theme) kekon 4:21 257 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 26
Total Downloads: 4928