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Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Familiar Sight and Leisure (Vocal) MVDW 1:07 10 E to S Play
A Sweet Smile MVDW 0:59 31 E to S Play
Bustling Afternoon in Mondstadt MVDW 1:49 15 E to S Play
Dawn Winery Theme(no vocals) MVDW 1:07 7 E to S Play
Dawn Winery Theme(Vocals) MVDW 1:08 12 E to S Play
Dusk in Mondstadt MVDW 1:48 5 E to S Play
Legend of Redemption MVDW 1:49 7 E to S Play
Liyue (First Movement) MVDW 1:30 10 None Play
Main Theme MVDW 1:44 14 E to S Play
The City Favored by Wind MVDW 1:03 14 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 10
Total Downloads: 125