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Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Ending Credits Wild Card 2:04 3 Normal Play
Eye of the Tiger Wild Card 1:55 6 Custom Play
Fight for the Championship (Wrestle of Universe) Wild Card 2:33 7 Normal Play
Fight for Your Life (Neo Strong Wrestling) Wild Card 2:47 10 Normal Play
Get Ready for the Match The Negative Ion 0:10 2 None Play
New Japan Wrestling (Independent Local Wrestling) Wild Card 2:17 5 Custom Play
Options Wild Card 1:49 1 Normal Play
Rock n Roll (Empire Wrestling Federation) Wild Card 2:34 7 Normal Play
Select a Wrestler The Negative Ion 1:02 3 Normal Play
Select a Wrestler (Improved) Wild Card 2:03 6 Normal Play
Victory Wild Card 0:11 2 None Play
You Win The Match The Negative Ion 0:06 2 None Play

Total BRSTMs: 12
Total Downloads: 54