Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Akuma's Theme (Precise Museum) Wizzkidwas 1:08 6 Normal Play
Amitie's Theme (Fairy Fair!) Wizzkidwas 1:59 8 Normal Play
Arle's Theme (Been a Long Time Since We Crossed Paths Over SpaceTime!) Wizzkidwas 1:26 10 Normal Play
Arle's Theme (DS Version) Draco Centauros X 1:26 4 Normal Play
Baldanders' Theme (Military Watchdog! Baldanders) Wizzkidwas 1:20 6 Normal Play
Carbuncle's theme (Everyone fight Puyo Puyo until morning!) Wizzkidwas 1:05 9 Normal Play
Character Select Draco Centauros X 0:52 4 Normal Play
Character Select (DS Version) Draco Centauros X 0:51 1 Normal Play
Continue? Wizzkidwas 0:16 1 Normal Play
DANGER! Wizzkidwas 0:16 3 Normal Play
Dongurigaeru's Theme (Ribbit Ribbit) Wizzkidwas 1:11 2 Normal Play
Endless Puyo! (1) Wizzkidwas 1:48 2 Normal Play
Endless Puyo! (2) Wizzkidwas 2:00 2 Normal Play
Feli's Theme (The name for thinking by the window is...) Wizzkidwas 1:25 6 Normal Play
Fever Mode Draco Centauros X 1:46 11 Normal Play
Fever Mode (DS Version) Draco Centauros X 0:54 1 Normal Play
Final Results! Wizzkidwas 0:07 1 None Play
Game Over Wizzkidwas 0:06 1 None Play
Klug's Theme (I'm the greatest ever!) Wizzkidwas 1:07 11 Normal Play
Last from Puyo Puyo TSU Wizzkidwas 0:49 8 Normal Play
Lemres' Theme (Rising Comet) Wizzkidwas 1:52 4 Normal Play
Ms Accord's Theme (Cheerful Surprise Test) Wizzkidwas 1:27 4 Normal Play
Nasu Grave's Theme (Doesn't matter who it is) Wizzkidwas 0:57 8 Normal Play
Ocean Prince's Theme (Graceful Wandering) Wizzkidwas 1:06 5 Normal Play
Onion Pixy's Theme (Onion Forest) Wizzkidwas 1:18 4 Normal Play
Oshare Bones Theme (Looking for a Visitor) Wizzkidwas 1:07 4 Normal Play
Popoi's theme (Puppet Master Popoi!) Wizzkidwas 1:52 6 Normal Play
Raffine's theme (More Beautifully! More Powerfully!) Wizzkidwas 1:32 8 Normal Play
Rider's Theme (Rider's Secret Dream) Wizzkidwas 1:20 4 Normal Play
Rulue's Theme (Combat Queen Rulue) Wizzkidwas 1:36 15 Normal Play
Satan's Theme (Advent of Primp! Satan-sama) Wizzkidwas 1:44 46 Normal Play
Schezo's Theme (I want you!...r power!) Wizzkidwas 1:22 13 Normal Play
Sig's Theme (In the Middle of a Stroll) Wizzkidwas 1:09 10 Normal Play
Sticker of Puyo Puyo Wizzkidwas 2:07 12 Normal Play
Strange Klug's theme (Surge of Crimson Shouts!) Wizzkidwas 2:05 9 Normal Play
Strange Klug's theme (Surge of Crimson Shouts!) DS Version Wizzkidwas 2:05 1 Normal Play
Suketoudara's Theme (Let's Dancing Together!) Wizzkidwas 1:18 8 Normal Play
Title Draco Centauros X 0:16 2 None Play
Win! Wizzkidwas 0:04 2 None Play
Yu & Rei's Theme (The Twin Ghosts are Super Popular!) Wizzkidwas 1:15 4 Normal Play
Zoh Daimaoh's Theme (I'm the Zoh Daimaoh) Wizzkidwas 1:57 2 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 41
Total Downloads: 268