Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Cruel Rose (Tabitha's Theme) Xerom 1:15 28 Normal Play
First Strike (Main Menu) DietCake 0:32 15 Custom Play
Flight of the Coward (Waylon's Theme) Smoyd 0:58 16 Normal Play
Goddess of Revenge (Tasha's Theme) Smoyd 1:07 23 Normal Play
Hope Never Dies (Brenner's Theme) Smoyd 1:01 34 Normal Play
Lost Memories (Isabella's Theme) Xerom 1:07 23 Normal Play
Mr. Bear (Penny's Theme) Xerom 1:03 21 Normal Play
Proud Soldier (Gage's Theme) Smoyd 1:04 25 Normal Play
Puppet Master (Caulder's Theme) Xerom 1:00 15 Normal Play
Supreme Logician (Lin's Theme) Smoyd 1:01 36 Normal Play
Wasteland Scourge (The Beast's Theme) Smoyd 1:05 11 Normal Play
We Will Prevail (Will's Theme) Smoyd 0:56 36 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 12
Total Downloads: 283