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Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Dark Omen Supah Fly 1:26 0 Normal Play
A Decision Amidst Sorrow Supah Fly 2:06 0 Normal Play
A Great Legacy Supah Fly 1:36 0 Normal Play
A Quiet Gathering Supah Fly 1:10 0 Normal Play
An Imminent Threat Supah Fly 0:52 0 Normal Play
At the End of Despair Supah Fly 1:05 0 Normal Play
Awakening, To a World Protected Supah Fly 1:27 0 E to S Play
Before the Mighty One Supah Fly 1:17 2 Normal Play
Carelessly Supah Fly 1:06 0 Normal Play
Compensation Supah Fly 1:06 1 Normal Play
Decisive Battle Supah Fly 1:30 1 Normal Play
Exposed to Power Supah Fly 1:54 0 Normal Play
Furiously Supah Fly 1:18 0 Normal Play
Galois Ravine Supah Fly 1:44 1 Normal Play
Getting Rich Quick, The Dream Casino Supah Fly 0:57 0 Normal Play
Imaginal Song (No Loop) Supah Fly 0:46 0 None Play
In Order to Understand My Fate Supah Fly 1:55 0 Normal Play
Luminous Rain Supah Fly 0:55 0 None Play
Memories Supah Fly 1:46 0 Normal Play
Moving Forward Supah Fly 0:55 0 Normal Play
Real Song (no loop) Supah Fly 0:50 0 None Play
Sacred Hymn (No loop) Supah Fly 1:35 0 None Play
Seeking the Rogress Supah Fly 1:27 0 Normal Play
Snow Falling on Opalus Supah Fly 1:33 0 Normal Play
Song of Ruin (No loop) Supah Fly 0:17 0 None Play
Taking the Road Through the Wilderness Supah Fly 1:28 0 Normal Play
The Diseased Dragons (No Loop) Supah Fly 1:24 0 None Play
The Fruits of Battle Supah Fly 0:48 0 Normal Play
The Witch Army ~Luminous Arc Medley~ Supah Fly 2:16 2 Normal Play
Those Holding On to a Small Hope Supah Fly 1:12 0 Normal Play
Those Who Chase After the Mission Supah Fly 1:22 0 Normal Play
Unexpected Fight Supah Fly 2:32 4 Normal Play
Victory! (No loop) Supah Fly 0:06 2 None Play
With Friends, Smiles and Joy Supah Fly 0:57 0 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 34
Total Downloads: 13