Kirby - Milky Way Wishes (OC Remix) Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Green Green Dedede (Great King Dedede's Theme, GREEN GREENS) Xerom 2:47 45 Custom Play
Bias, Groove (Float Islands) VyseTheQuick 4:37 21 Custom Play
Blowing Bubbles in Space (Bubbly Clouds) VyseTheQuick 2:46 12 Custom Play
GO! GO! GO! (Grand Opening) VyseTheQuick 2:10 25 Custom Play
Grape Soda (Sea Stage) VyseTheQuick 2:18 34 Custom Play
Kirb Your Enthusiasm (Mallow Castle) Xerom 2:53 15 Custom Play
Spelunking in Space (Cocoa Cave) VyseTheQuick 2:35 41 Custom Play
THE BEST 2 Minutes 14 Seconds OF YOUR LIFE (Peanut Plains) Xerom 1:50 15 Custom Play
The Savior of Dream Land (Coliseum Battle) Xerom 4:45 58 Custom Play
Walkway of Stars (The Battleship Halberd - Interior) VyseTheQuick 2:01 16 Custom Play
Welcome to the Galaxy (Milky Way Wishes Map) VyseTheQuick 1:34 9 Custom Play

Total BRSTMs: 11
Total Downloads: 291