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Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Highwind Takes to the Skies (Final Fantasy VII) - Main Menu BGM Muggshotter 1:22 15 Normal Play
Battle at the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V) - Music Select BGM TheUltimateKoopa 1:24 23 Normal Play
Blinded By Light (Final Fantasy XIII) - Challenge BGM TheUltimateKoopa 1:14 19 Normal Play
Hunter's Chance (Final Fantasy IX) - Music Game Menu BGM Muggshotter 0:53 8 Normal Play
Kingdom of Baron (Final Fantasy IV) - Museum Menu BGM Muggshotter 1:05 7 Normal Play
Prelude (Final Fantasy Series) - Title BGM TheUltimateKoopa 1:06 8 Normal Play
Victory Fanfare (Final Fantasy Series) - Result Screen BGM Muggshotter 0:17 11 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 7
Total Downloads: 91