The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Gravestone Struck By Lightning Play
Enormous Fright SvenFletcher 1:49 0 Normal Play
Fateful Confrontation SvenFletcher 2:33 0 Normal Play
Feeling Danger Nearby SvenFletcher 1:24 0 Normal Play
Fight With Assailant SvenFletcher 1:19 0 Normal Play
Heartless Surprise Attack Play
Infiltration SvenFletcher 2:30 0 Normal Play
Looming Threat SvenFletcher 1:10 0 Normal Play
Obstructive Existence SvenFletcher 2:02 0 Normal Play
Silver Will (SC Evolution Ver.) ultramario1998 2:48 1 Normal Play
Silver Will Super Arrange (SC Ver.) Play
Strepitoso Fight SvenFletcher 2:26 0 Normal Play
The Enforcers SvenFletcher 1:26 0 Normal Play
The Fate of the Fairies SvenFletcher 2:54 0 Normal Play
The Fate of the Fairies (Zanmai version) SvenFletcher 4:23 0 Custom Play
The Merciless Savior Play

Total BRSTMs: 16
Total Downloads: 1